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COVID-19 - Killa Bhawan Hotels

Hotel Killa Bhawan - Safety measures Covid-19


Dear customers

With the recent pandemic of COVID-19 and to ensure your safe stay at HOTEL KILLA BHAWAN in the 2021/2022 season, we want to highlight the following measures taken at our property:
— Our staff will wear mask when welcoming you and serving you.
— Hydroalcoolique gel will be provided when entering the premises and in your rooms.
— Your luggage will be sanitized at the time of Check-in.
— After every checkout, rooms will be fully sanitized as well as at the time of making your room, everyday.
— The food served in our premises is carefully selected, washed with purified water and white vinegar.
— Crockery, cutlery, trays, cups & glasses will be disinfected after every use.
— All floors are washed daily with adequate products.
— All outsiders won’t be allowed inside our premises, your guides or contacts will have to wait outside.

With these measure we hope to instill trust and faith in the way we handle your safety and comfort to ensure a memorable stay with us.
Thanks for visiting us soon
Hotel Killa Bhawan management