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Hotel Killa Bhawan - Sandscape 2020 - Artists line up

Sandscape Festival

A New Festival is coming to Jaisalmer ! SANDSCAPE, an Electro Folk Festival is usually held, for the February full moon, in the dunes of Khuri, and in Jaisalmer City. 5 days event with 3 different locations. Check the program. Of course Killa Bhawan is an official sponsor of this event ! Unfortunately, this year Sandscape Festival will not open its doors due to pandemic situation. See you in 2023 for a major event! See more...
Heritage Hotel Jaisalmer Boutique

Our Shop

Shop till you drop!! At Sonar Killa, our shop located in the old town, attached to the KB Lodge, sister concern of Killa Bhawan Hotel, you will find a very large selection of marvels from all parts of India. Real cashmeer Pashmina from our own weawers, shawls & stoles in various fabrics, Home textile, antiques and handicrafts, as well as local products such as sandstone objects, embroideries, etc.

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Going Places

Traveling is an art that requires knowledge and feeds on "delicious" adresses ! Let us guide you around the world, proposing you places that are worth a visit. Hotels and Guest Houses, Restaurant, owned and managed by friends or associates, 100% certified exceptional, friendly and professional ! They'll offer you the same quality of services and attention as we do in our hotels. Don't miss the chance to stop there !


Jaisalmer Hotels Killa Bhawan Desert festival

Desert Festival

Every year, in February, Jaisalmer celebrates its history and people with a colorfull and vibrant happenning: the Desert Festival ! Three full days of various competitions in the city as well as in the sand dunes nearby, including camel races, dancers & musicians as well as the impressive Mr Desert contest! Best "moustache", best Camel decoration, and so many more fun attractions ! A magnificent procession will march through the city at the beginning of the Festival for every citizen to admire and enjoy. Must see if you happen to be in Rajasthan - Jaisalmer at that time!   And, since 4 years now, Sandscape Festival happens to be at the same time performed in the city and in the dunes of Khuri. Unfortunately, due to Pandemic, the Festival won't open its doors this year. See you in 2023 for a major event ! Hotel Killa Bhawan is proud to be a main sponsor of this Festival! Follow the program and check this link !